Broken P2020 board since commit be7dbb60c5bf ("Convert CONFIG_SYS_IMMR to Kconfig")

Pali Rohár pali at
Wed Mar 30 14:20:28 CEST 2022


In current master branch is U-Boot for P2020 board (powerpc mpc85xx
based) built by P2020RDB-PC_SDCARD_defconfig completely broken. U-Boot
does not work at all and on UART is nothing printed.

I run git bisect and it found commit which broke this P2020 board:

  be7dbb60c5bfa38ea444fe7de1dca8bd35f83f5b is the first bad commit
  commit be7dbb60c5bfa38ea444fe7de1dca8bd35f83f5b
  Author: Tom Rini <trini at>
  Date:   Sun Dec 12 22:12:30 2021 -0500

      Convert CONFIG_SYS_IMMR to Kconfig

      This converts the following to Kconfig:

      We do this by consolidating the SYS_IMMR options we have and providing

      We also, in the few places where M68K was also sharing code with these
      platforms, define it within the file to CONFIG_SYS_MBAR to match usage.
      This should be cleaned up longer term.

      Signed-off-by: Tom Rini <trini at>

  :040000 040000 12f819284e85d64b7df5da65476038a542e587f5 ea3da4aefeee93f1566be6b7f85a43846f29aa8b M      arch
  :040000 040000 afe083b1f22b57470532d2a2c3c37b6a5d4a68d4 302d04810c9449622ce43982f562d2e8400086ec M      configs
  :040000 040000 411b7912fc83c8aaf25adf5647400625793cee38 0eff4a6f6e7b5f21bc3d533e1c5bc1cd2a5ed86b M      drivers
  :040000 040000 b7d8b45f803b3619f76be355193d5c5645e76782 be2ac1c8506e99d1f9c615ad09477884f5ce1231 M      include

So it is relatively new change (Dec 2021).

Tom, any idea how this commit could broke P2020 board which is mpc85xx
platform? I do not see nothing suspicious in this commit. Before this
commit BootROM can successfully boot SPL without any issues and SPL
prints info on UART. This board use include/configs/p1_p2_rdb_pc.h
config file and it was not touched at all.

Priyanka, Wolfgang, you are marked as maintainers, do you know how to
debug this issue? Or do you have some P2020 board or other mpc85xx
based, so you could test if U-Boot is working on this platform?

For reference I built U-Boot SPL by these commands:

make CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-gnuspe- P2020RDB-PC_SDCARD_defconfig spl/u-boot-spl.bin
boot_format config_sram_p2020rdb.dat spl/u-boot-spl.bin -spi u-boot.sdcard.bin

boot_format and config_sram_p2020rdb.dat are taken from the upstream git
repo from the latest branch nxp/sdk-v2.0.x:

u-boot.sdcard.bin is then copied to SD card (starting from sector zero).

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