[EXT] [PATCH] ARM: imx: romapi: Repair FlexSPI NOR boot offset

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Thu Mar 31 00:27:41 CEST 2022

On 3/29/22 11:56, Ye Li wrote:


>>> But once you want to upgrade the
>>> flash.bin, flexspi configurations will also be erased due to the
>>> block
>>> size. Then you have to reprogram the configurations with flash.bin.
>>> So most of our customers add the flexspi configurations to
>>> flash.bin
>>> head. They don't use so called one image for both SD and flexspi.
>> There are no upstream users of flexspi right now, see above.
>>> As the spl_romapi_get_uboot_base is defined to weak. It is better
>>> to
>>> overwrite this function for your particular usage.
>> I would much rather prefer to have one flash.bin which works on both
>> SD
>> card and FlexSPI, on all iMX8M, that is far less confusing. And since
>> there are no upstream users of flexspi boot so far, this is how it
>> can
>> still be implemented, consistently.
> I can think out 3 drawbacks using this one flash.bin for flexspi:
> 1. The flexspi configuration header will be erased when you update the
> flash.bin to flexspi device. In a common usage, this header will
> combine with flash.bin to a final boot image which is not same with SD.

This is not correct.

If you need to update only the flash.bin in SPI NOR without rewriting 
the FCFB header, use 'sf update' with 0x1000 start address:
dhcp ${loadaddr} && \
   sf update ${loadaddr} 0x1000 ${filesize}

If you need to update both the flash.bin and generate the FCFB, use the 
aforementioned script with sf update using 0x0 start address, i.e.:
dhcp ${loadaddr} ; \
setexpr sfaddr ${loadaddr} - 0x1000 ; \
base ${sfaddr} ; \
mw 0 0 0x400 ; \
mw 0x400 0x42464346 ; \
mw 0x404 0x56010000 ; \
mw 0x40c 00030300 ; \
mw 0x444 0x00020101 ; \
mw 0x450 0x10000000 ; \
mw 0x480 0x0818040b ; \
mw 0x484 0x24043008 ; \
mw 0x5c0 0x100 ; \
mw 0x5c4 0x10000 ; \
base 0 ; \
setexpr filesize ${filesize} + 0x1000 ; \
sf probe && sf update ${sfaddr} 0 ${filesize}

> 2. How can users update u-boot.itb only if using this one flash.bin?

Write u-boot.itb to offset 0x59000 in SPI NOR:
=> sf update ${loadaddr} 0x59000 ${filesize}

That 0x59000 is ( imx8mp-u-boot.dtsi /imx-boot/blob-ext at 2/offset = 
<0x58000>) + (the SPI NOR flash.bin offset = 0x1000) = 0x59000

> With the same offset of SD, it causes the u-boot.itb locates at a
> offset not block aligned.

0x59000 is both 4 kiB and 512 Byte aligned .

> 3. Not all iMX8M can support this one flash.bin.  8MM and 8MQ have
> different IVT. Their flexspi IVT can't work for SD/eMMC.

What's the difference ? Looking at the MX8MM RM rev.3, FlexSPI boot 
looks very much the same.

(we have no MX8MQ/MX8MM boards which boot from FlexSPI either).


I still believe it is better (=less confusing for users) to have one 
unified flash.bin for all boot media.

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