Is it possiable to run dm test in local u-boot console?

Simon Glass sjg at
Sat Jan 7 16:52:23 CET 2023

Hi Treeman,

On Thu, 22 Dec 2022 at 18:20, scxie at <scxie at> wrote:
> Hi Maintainers,
>      I'm an engineer who is porting u-boot in my project.
>      Now we find almost dm cases in folder test/dm depend on SANDBOX,
>      is it possiable to run them in local uboot console directly?
>      A big challenge is that there are various hardware peripherals,
>      I have no idea to handle it.

Many of the tests are designed to run on sandbox, since they use
peripheral emulators. There is one board (snow) that is set up to run
quite a few tests, but not those that need particular peripherals, of

Many boards run tests in CI using QEMU and it is possible to run those
tests on a real board using the test harness.

If your board has reliable drivers and they have been tested, then
there is not much point in running the unit tests. If they pass on
sandbox then the logic is sound and you are really just checking for
compiler bugs, which is probably not a good use of time.

I suppose you have seen the documentation [1]

Which board are you using?



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