[U-Boot][bug report] clearfog: EMMC boot broken on clearfog pro

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Fri Jan 27 14:05:47 CET 2023

Martin Rowe <martin.p.rowe at gmail.com> [2023-01-14 14:21:52]:

[adding Stefan and Pali to the Cc: loop to make them aware]


> I did try to bisect the eMMC issue, but there are a few related
> breakages for different reasons over the last 2 years, so it's not one
> commit that has done it. For example, just the 4 changes I listed for
> kwbimage.c are introduced by the following 5 commits:
> 5c61710c9880290d54db72878c4435cdaee07d78
> 501a54a29cc20ce7df70f290fa274b8e2ea9d6f4
> e0c243c398a771df22fd3caf309b04eef3ba2683
> 700ea98b2e364a8107a9af962ba39f2eeadfc678
> aa6943ca3122db7ea0063684f94b5dbdf9c5cf51

Oli seems to have bisected[1] his SD card based boot breakage as well. Commit
e23ad5d55cbc ("tools: kwbimage: Do not put final image padding to the image
data size") boots just fine:

 U-Boot SPL 2022.01-rc1-00092-ge23ad5d55c (Jan 17 2023 - 15:54:41 +0100)

whereas commit 5cad2e6ccee1 ("tools: kwbimage: Align kwbimage header to proper
size") leads to:

 BootROM - 1.73
 Booting from MMC
 BootROM: Bad header at offset 00000200

and stays in the broken state since then.

1. https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/11661#issuecomment-1385589140



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