U-Boot support for M68K removal

Geert Uytterhoeven geert at linux-m68k.org
Mon Jan 30 20:10:36 CET 2023

Hi Eero,

On Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 8:02 PM Eero Tamminen <oak at helsinkinet.fi> wrote:
> On 30.1.2023 18.34, Tom Rini wrote:
> > That's great to hear. While I started my life on m68k machines, I never
> > did get Linux up on one. Do the coldfire platforms you have run U-Boot
> > today? If so, are they already supported upstream? One of my biggest
> > concerns about the architecture, in U-Boot, is that I've just not heard
> > of anyone using it in quite some time, and we don't have any emulated
> > platforms either (can it be done in QEMU? We have other plaforms in CI
> > via QEMU) so I worry it's not working.
> Qemu supports both m68k and ColdFire nowadays:
> https://www.qemu.org/docs/master/system/target-m68k.html
>         - Eero
> PS. For m68k there are also a lot of other emulators that emulate
> specific platforms.
> Aranym, 68040 Atari "clone", used a lot by Debian m68k port before Qemu
> got m68k support.
> WinAUE, 68000-68040 Amiga emulation.  Unlike Aranym or Qemu, this
> emulates also CPU cache.
> Hatari, 68000-68040 Atari emulation (based on WinUAE CPU core).
> Previous, 68030 NeXT emulator (based on Hatari).

But none of the platforms listed above boot using U-Boot, which is
what Tom is interested in...

"qemu-system-m68k -machine help" lists a.o.:

    an5206               Arnewsh 5206
    mcf5208evb           MCF5208EVB (default)

U-Boot still contains include/configs/M5208EVBE.h, but there are no
actual users...

Angelo: so support for amcore in qemu would be nice ;-)




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