sipeed maix bit resets every 90 seconds with watchdog enabled

Jaap Aart jaap.aarts1 at
Mon Jul 3 19:53:29 CEST 2023

Dear sean, and others,

I encountered a small problem running linux on the sipeed maix bit from 
Every 90 seconds (exactly) after boot it resets, if booted into linux, 
unless I disable the watchdog.
This has occurred since this feature was enabled 

Although I do not completely understand the watchdog features, it notes 
it is set to 60 seconds,
and I am convinced that the point is not to reset every X seconds.
Especially because this is enabled by default.

I have not really found a good workaround besides disabling the WDT at 
runtime which is cumbersome.

Is this expected behavior? And if so, how do I disable this feature at 
compile time?

Kind regards,

Jaap Aarts

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