[WIP] AXP313A(for Mango Pi MQ-Quad) support

SASANO Takayoshi uaa at mx5.nisiq.net
Fri Jul 7 13:30:11 CEST 2023


Now I am trying to run U-Boot on Mango Pi MQ-Quad board.

This board requires AXP313A driver and it is implemented.
The diff is at GitHub,

Before submitting the diff, I want to know board configuration
(configs/mangopi_mq_quad_defconfig and
arch/arm/dts/sun50i-h616-mangopi-mq-quad.dts) is correct.

At least OpenBSD for Allwinner H616 (RAMDISK kernel for installer)
looks working like this:

U-Boot SPL 2023.07-rc6-gdc29b21fc2 (Jul 07 2023 - 20:19:06 +0900)
DRAM: 1024 MiB
Trying to boot from MMC1
NOTICE:  BL31: lts-v2.8.4(debug):
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 19:29:55, Apr 22 2023
NOTICE:  BL31: Detected Allwinner H616 SoC (1823)
NOTICE:  BL31: Found U-Boot DTB at 0x4a08d048, model: MangoPi MQ-Quad
INFO:    ARM GICv2 driver initialized
INFO:    Configuring SPC Controller
INFO:    PMIC: Probing AXP305 on RSB
ERROR:   RSB: set run-time address: 0x10003
INFO:    Could not init RSB: -65539
INFO:    BL31: Platform setup done
INFO:    BL31: Initializing runtime services
INFO:    BL31: cortex_a53: CPU workaround for 855873 was applied
INFO:    BL31: cortex_a53: CPU workaround for 1530924 was applied
INFO:    PSCI: Suspend is unavailable
INFO:    BL31: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
INFO:    Entry point address = 0x4a000000
INFO:    SPSR = 0x3c9
INFO:    Changed devicetree.

U-Boot 2023.07-rc6-gdc29b21fc2 (Jul 07 2023 - 20:19:06 +0900) Allwinner Technology

CPU:   Allwinner H616 (SUN50I)
Model: MangoPi MQ-Quad
DRAM:  1 GiB
Core:  45 devices, 18 uclasses, devicetree: separate
WDT:   Not starting watchdog at 30090a0
MMC:   mmc at 4020000: 0
Loading Environment from FAT... Unable to read "uboot.env" from mmc0:1...
In:    serial at 5000000
Out:   serial at 5000000
Err:   serial at 5000000
Net:   No ethernet found.
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0 is current device
Scanning mmc 0:1...
18104 bytes read in 4 ms (4.3 MiB/s)
No EFI system partition
No EFI system partition
Failed to persist EFI variables
BootOrder not defined
EFI boot manager: Cannot load any image
Found EFI removable media binary efi/boot/bootaa64.efi
219050 bytes read in 12 ms (17.4 MiB/s)
Booting /efi\boot\bootaa64.efi
disks: sd0*
>> OpenBSD/arm64 BOOTAA64 1.18
boot> boot bsd.rd
cannot open sd0a:/etc/random.seed: No such file or directory
booting sd0a:bsd.rd: 2858428+1077500+12724624+631888 [1705467+791232+168+26848]=0x1560490
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
        The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1995-2023 OpenBSD. All rights reserved.  https://www.OpenBSD.org

OpenBSD 7.3-current (RAMDISK) #56: Fri Jul  7 19:28:38 JST 2023
    uaa at openbsd-current-vm.uaa.org.uk:/usr/src/sys/arch/arm64/compile/RAMDISK
real mem  = 1072021504 (1022MB)
avail mem = 1000779776 (954MB)
random: boothowto does not indicate good seed
mainbus0 at root: MangoPi MQ-Quad
psci0 at mainbus0: PSCI 1.1, SMCCC 1.2
cpu0 at mainbus0 mpidr 0: ARM Cortex-A53 r0p4
cpu0: 32KB 64b/line 2-way L1 VIPT I-cache, 32KB 64b/line 4-way L1 D-cache
cpu0: 1024KB 64b/line 16-way L2 cache
efi0 at mainbus0: UEFI 2.10
efi0: Das U-Boot rev 0x20230700
smbios0 at efi0: SMBIOS 3.0
smbios0: vendor U-Boot version "2023.07-rc6-gdc29b21fc2" date 07/01/2023
smbios0: Unknown Unknown Product
"secmon" at mainbus0 not configured
"osc24M-clk" at mainbus0 not configured
"pmu" at mainbus0 not configured
agtimer0 at mainbus0: 24000 kHz
simplebus0 at mainbus0: "soc"
sxisyscon0 at simplebus0
sxiccmu0 at simplebus0
sxipio0 at simplebus0: 85 pins
ampintc0 at simplebus0 nirq 192, ncpu 4: "interrupt-controller"
sxiccmu1 at simplebus0
sxipio1 at simplebus0: 2 pins
sxitwi0 at simplebus0
iic0 at sxitwi0
"x-powers,axp313a" at iic0 addr 0x36 not configured
sxidog0 at simplebus0
sximmc0 at simplebus0
sdmmc0 at sximmc0: 4-bit, sd high-speed, mmc high-speed, dma
com0 at simplebus0: dw16550
com0: console
"usb" at simplebus0 not configured
"phy" at simplebus0 not configured
ehci0 at simplebus0
usb0 at ehci0: USB revision 2.0
uhub0 at usb0 configuration 1 interface 0 "Generic EHCI root hub" rev 2.00/1.00 addr 1
ohci0 at simplebus0: version 1.0
"rtc" at simplebus0 not configured
gpio0 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio1 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio2 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio3 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio4 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio5 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio6 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio7 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio8 at sxipio0: 32 pins
gpio9 at sxipio1: 32 pins
usb1 at ohci0: USB revision 1.0
uhub1 at usb1 configuration 1 interface 0 "Generic OHCI root hub" rev 1.00/1.00 addr 1
"leds" at mainbus0 not configured
"vcc5v" at mainbus0 not configured
"vcc3v3" at mainbus0 not configured
"binman" at mainbus0 not configured
scsibus0 at sdmmc0: 2 targets, initiator 0
sd0 at scsibus0 targ 1 lun 0: <Apacer, SD16G, 0030> removable
sd0: 14768MB, 512 bytes/sector, 30244864 sectors
softraid0 at root
scsibus1 at softraid0: 256 targets
root on rd0a swap on rd0b dump on rd0b
erase ^?, werase ^W, kill ^U, intr ^C, status ^T

Welcome to the OpenBSD/arm64 7.3 installation program.
(I)nstall, (U)pgrade, (A)utoinstall or (S)hell?

Any comments are welcomed.

SASANO Takayoshi (JG1UAA) <uaa at mx5.nisiq.net>

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