[PATCH] spl: Add function called after fpga image upload

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Mon Jul 10 15:44:03 CEST 2023

On 7/10/23 15:02, Taedcke, Christian wrote:
> Am 10.07.2023 um 13:41 schrieb Michal Simek:
>> On 6/27/23 11:04, christian.taedcke-oss at weidmueller.com wrote:
>>> From: Christian Taedcke <christian.taedcke at weidmueller.com>
>>> This way custom logic can be implemented per board after the fpga
>>> image is uploaded.
>> What do you want to do there?
> I have 2 use-cases for this:
> 1. Clear the RAM which contained the bitstream (memset to zero). This 
> should happen independed of the result of the upload operation.

Is this some "secure-boot" related item ?

> 2. Control a LED based on the upload result. So in case the upload 
> failed, i want to enable some error LED.
> One issue is that the return values of spl_fit_load_fpga() or 
> spl_fit_upload_fpga() are not evaluated in common/spl
> /spl_fit.c. So this error is not propagated to higher layers.
> I my use-case uploading the bitstream is mandatory before starting u-boot.
>> I expect Simon won't like that it is another weak function.
> I did not find another way to implement the above use-cases. Maybe i 
> missed something.

Based on the above, probably make a weak wrapper around the fpga_load() 
call, make it call fpga_load() by default and override it in some board 
specific manner if needed.

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