[PATCH v5 17/20] binman: Add a test for templating in a FIT

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Sun Jul 23 15:23:29 CEST 2023

Add this as a separate test case.

Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <sjg at chromium.org>

(no changes since v3)

Changes in v3:
- Add new test case for templating in a FIT

 tools/binman/ftest.py                  |  7 +++++
 tools/binman/test/288_template_fit.dts | 37 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 44 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 tools/binman/test/288_template_fit.dts

Applied to u-boot-dm, thanks!

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