[PATCH] efi_loader: Allow also empty capsule to be process

Michal Simek michal.simek at amd.com
Wed Jul 26 18:36:56 CEST 2023

On 7/26/23 15:07, Ilias Apalodimas wrote:
> Hi all
> [...]
>>> Hello Sugosh,
>>> fwu_empty_capsule() detects an empty capsule as one with a GUID
>>> fwu_guid_os_request_fw_revert or fwu_guid_os_request_fw_accept.
>>> I am not aware of a requirement in the UEFI specification to treat
>>> capsules read from file in a different way than capsules passed via
>>> UpdateCapsule(). Is there any reason why UpdateCapsule() should not
>>> process an empty capsule when called from a boot-time EFI application?
>> Here is a story behind efi_update_capsule():
>> ===
>> commit a6aafce494ab
>> Author: Masami Hiramatsu <masami.hiramatsu at linaro.org>
>> Date:   Wed Feb 16 15:15:42 2022 +0900
>>      efi_loader: use efi_update_capsule_firmware() for capsule on disk
>> ===
>> I still believe that this is a valid change, but we should have
>> moved 'capsule->capsule_guid' check into efi_update_capsule_firmware()
>> at the same time.
> I agree with Akashi-san here.  I am also fine with this patchset since
> running the A/B update from an EFI app should work. But can we do a v2
> with 2 patches?
> #1 move the capsule check along with the empty capsule checks in
> efi_update_capsule_firmware()
> #2 fix the a/b updates via the runtime calls and adjust the commit
> message accordingly, explaining why this change is needed?

Can someone from Linaro create v2 on this?
I just wanted to pointed to it.


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