[PATCH 01/14] bloblist: Update the tag numbering

Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Wed Jul 26 22:16:39 CEST 2023

> diff --git a/include/bloblist.h b/include/bloblist.h
> index 7ea72c6bd46..bad5fbbb889 100644
> --- a/include/bloblist.h
> +++ b/include/bloblist.h

nit: I would suggest also updating the documentation at the top of
this file (point 7) to clarify that new standardized tags must be
allocated in the firmware_handoff repo?

Also, to point out the obvious, there are a bunch of tags in the
standardized range in this file that don't match the firmware_handoff
spec. I guess you could add them since 0x100 is still free. However,
at least the BLOBLISTT_ACPI_TABLES tag would likely(?) be redundant
with the existing XFERLIST_ACPI_AGGR tag.

> +       BLOBLISTT_U_BOOT_SPL_HANDOFF    = 0xfff000, /* Hand-off info from SPL */
> +       BLOBLISTT_VBE                   = 0xfff001, /* VBE per-phase state */
> +       BLOBLISTT_U_BOOT_VIDEO          = 0xfff002, /* Video info from SPL */

FWIW, according to my view of the tag allocation philosophy, I think
these kinds of tags should be allocated as official tags in the
standardized range (e.g. in a cluster of U-Boot-specific tags). I
would really recommend completely avoiding the non-standardized range
for anything other than local experimentation or tags internal to
closed-source code.

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