[PATCH RFC u-boot-mvebu 0/6] arm: mvebu: Fix boot mode detection

Pali Rohár pali at kernel.org
Sat Mar 4 11:50:30 CET 2023

Improve code for checking strapping pins which specifies boot mode source.

Martin, could you test if Clearfog can be still configured into UART
booting mode via HW switches and if it still works correctly? First
patch is reverting UART related commit for Clearfog which I think it not
needed anymore.

Also could you check if SATA booting is still working correctly?

Tony, should address problems with SPI booting when it is configured to
different configuration. In fourth commit I added all possible boot mode
strapping pin configurations which are recognized by A385 bootrom (and
not the only one described in the HW spec, which is incomplete).

Stefan, do you have some AXP board with SATA boot source? Because I'm
adding it for completeness in the last sixth patch.

Pali Rohár (6):
  arm: mvebu: Remove A38x BOOT_FROM_UART_ALT 0x3f constant
  arm: mvebu: Remove A38x BOOT_FROM_SATA 0x22 constant
  arm: mvebu: Convert BOOT_FROM_* constants to function macros
  arm: mvebu: Define all options for A38x BOOT_FROM_* macros
  arm: mvebu: Define all BOOTROM_ERR_MODE_* macros
  arm: mvebu: Define all options for AXP BOOT_FROM_* macros

 arch/arm/mach-mvebu/cpu.c              | 20 ++++++-------
 arch/arm/mach-mvebu/include/mach/soc.h | 41 ++++++++++++++++----------
 2 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)


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