Issue with Banana Pi M5 not booting when Attached to USB SSD (when USB is given higher priority)

Sharil Shafie sishafie at
Sun May 28 11:09:51 CEST 2023


I assume this is where to report an issue as I can't find it on github.

Please refer to this Armbian build PR
<>. Tested on v2022.10 and
v2023.4, when meson64.h is patched
to give higher priority to USB, Banana Pi M5 will go into infinite boot
loop (v2022.10), or hang and report a bug (v2023.4) during  the u-boot
booting process. Image for booting on v2023.4 is attached.

The issue can be averted by giving lower priory to USB, as described in the
mentioned PR.

S I. Shafie.
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