[ELDK] Ubuntu 8.04 and ELDK 4.1

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Thu Jul 3 18:48:06 CEST 2008

Hi bwr,

> Running Ubuntu 8.04 and installing ELDK v4.0 to target a DDC ppc 8540 board.
> The install process will hang in 3 places:
>   pam-ppc_85xx-0.79-9.5_1.ppc.rpm
>   gawk-ppc_85xx-3.1.4-5_1.ppc.rpm
>   modutils-ppc_85xx-2.4.22-8_1.ppc.rpm
> I "solved" it by removing those three packages from
> etc/rpm_ppc_85xx.list.

The qutes are needed.  This is not a solution.  Pam and modutils are
vital parts of the NFS system...

>  All the other packages install correctly, and the package as a whole
> seems to function.
> I'm sure the missing packages will cause a problem later, but it allowed me to 
> keep going.
> Running "strace -p" was mentioned. I'm not familar with that command (I'm new to 
> kernel drivers as well as to this mail list). How would I determine in advance 
> the pid of the rpm command that is going to hang?, or is that not the 
> appropriate question.

You wait until the process grinds to a halt, then find its pid with ps
(use ps -axf which gives you a nice hierarchy, look for the install
process) and then attach to it with "strace -p".  There's no need to
anticipate any PIDs.


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