[ELDK] Running a server: init or script?

Giuseppe Modugno g.modugno at elettronika.it
Fri Jul 4 09:59:38 CEST 2008

Hi all,

how should I start a server (for example, a web server or a ftp 
server) on a linux box based on ELDK 4.1 SELF ramdisk?

One option is init, by using respawn action: in this way the server 
is automatically restarted if it dies (for a bug or something else..)

The other option is a script started by init with sysinit action. In 
this way the server isn't automatically restarted if it dies for any 

I'd use the first solution (init), but I see that modern distribution 
(like Debian or Ubuntu) doesn't use init to start servers, but uses 
scripts in /etc/init.d or something similar.

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