[ELDK] using other clocks with timer_create

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Sep 23 12:39:30 CEST 2008

Dear Seimon,

In message <74CE1D9764EDBF4989C259DC7E8FF2620D78A984CF at exch-svr.Remsdaq.co.uk> you wrote:
> We're using ELDK 4.0 on an arm9 based project and I'm having some
> trouble with the timer_create call.
> So I looked deeper into the glibc-2.3.5 code from the ELDK Source CD,
> and noticed a million #ifdefs! I'm not too sure which bit is used and
> which isn't at the moment, but I think basically my question is if I
> rebuild glibc and somehow point it at my kernel code will I get the use
> of the monotonic clock? If so, can anyone give me some quick dummy
> pointers as to how to go about that - it scares me!

In the first step you should make sure if the EINVAL  error  code  is
being  returned  from a library function or from a system call to the
kernel - an easy way to find out is to  run  your  application  unser
control  of  the "strace" tool - this will show if it is a syscall or
not. Depending on that you will then know if you have to deal with  a
glibc or rather with a kernel (or kernel configuration) problem.

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