[ELDK] ELDK Linux 2.6.29, MPC885ADS and early console

Vitaly Bordug vitb at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Apr 8 09:26:15 CEST 2009

В Wed, 08 Apr 2009 08:46:15 +0200
Sylvain ANDRE <sandre at assystem.com> пишет:

> Hello,
> I'm working on a custom board based on Freescale MPC885ads. It runs 
> correctly with Linux 2.4.26 from Arabella BSP.
> I decided to migrate to ELDK Linux 2.6.29 rc7, the trouble is the 
> console never appears but the kernel starts running.
> The FDT is compiled from mpc885ads.dts file with DTC v1.2.0.
> After some investigations, I found that ioremap() returns 0xFDFFC000 for 
> mpc8xx_immr (instead of 0xFF000000 that is the real IMMR address).
> I think the registers are not well addressed.
With 2.6 + fdt, there is no io_block_mapping anymore, no 1:1 mapping thereby.
If you would post full boot log, from u-boot beginning, including fdt command
and kernel command line, we will hopefully will be able to tell you more.



> Can you help me please ?
>     Sylvain ANDRE.

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