[ELDK] ELDK Linux 2.6.29, MPC885ADS and early console

Sylvain ANDRE sandre at assystem.com
Wed Apr 8 08:46:15 CEST 2009


I'm working on a custom board based on Freescale MPC885ads. It runs 
correctly with Linux 2.4.26 from Arabella BSP.
I decided to migrate to ELDK Linux 2.6.29 rc7, the trouble is the 
console never appears but the kernel starts running.

The FDT is compiled from mpc885ads.dts file with DTC v1.2.0.

After some investigations, I found that ioremap() returns 0xFDFFC000 for 
mpc8xx_immr (instead of 0xFF000000 that is the real IMMR address).
I think the registers are not well addressed.

Can you help me please ?

    Sylvain ANDRE.

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