[ELDK] Error in compilation from source

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Apr 23 20:04:01 CEST 2009

Dear Ashutosh Sharma,

In message <295505.51708.qm at web53805.mail.re2.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> I am trying to compile from source. I have got following error when compiling:
> + mkdir locale
> + localedef -f ISO-8859-1 -i de_DE locale/de_DE
> character map file `ISO-8859-1' not found: No such file or directory
> default character map file `ANSI_X3.4-1968' not found: No such file or directory
> error: Bad exit status from /opt/eldk/build/ppc-2009-04-23/work/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.54485 (%build)
> RPM build errors:
>     Bad exit status from /opt/eldk/build/ppc-2009-04-23/work/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.54485 (%build)
> I have attached complete log along with the mail.
> Any idea about the problem ?

Seems your build environment is incomplete.

Did follow the instructions in the application note (i. e. 
http://www.denx.de/wiki/DULG/AN2009_02_EldkReleaseBuildEnvironment ),
and did you use the root file system image referenced there (i. e.
ftp://ftp.denx.de/pub/eldk/build-env/root-rh-7.3.img.gz ) ?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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