[ELDK] luseradd segfaults in ELDK 4.0

Mike Conde fullgarage at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 19:52:31 CEST 2009


The board vendor we are using based their drivers and tools on the
ELDK 4.0 release, and I've discovered that the luseradd/lgroupadd/etc
tools all segfault.  I'm pretty sure the problem has to do with
incompatible shared libraries (specifically libc.so).  I searched the
archives for this list and found one older post about the same
problem, but no solutions.  Attempting to update libc.so was
disastrous since just about every program on the whole distribution

I believe because of the hardware vendor's dependency on 4.0, I'm
stuck with that distribution for now.  Does anybody have a
recommendation for the least-effort path to getting working user
management tools working on my target?  Is my only option to
re-compile the user management tools against the older libs in 4.0?

Thanks for any help offered.

--Mike Conde

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