[ELDK] ELDK 4.2, fedora 10, libdw fails w/redefinition error

Jeff Hane jeff.hane at maxim-ic.com
Sat Jun 6 01:44:21 CEST 2009


 Yes, I am trying to build the ELDK from scratch on a new fedora 10
install.  However, after doing some more searching I found a patch for
version 128 of elfutils which fixes this gcc problem. I've now made it
to target 32(module-init-tools) before failing again.  Just wanted to
see how well things worked on fc10 but we are going to try to RH vm


On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 13:53 -0700, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Jeff Hane,
> In message <1244142404.15646.54.camel at qu102.quarc.com> you wrote:
> > Has anybody else see this problem?  This happens when using gcc 4.3 but
> > does not happen with gcc 4.2
> What exactly are you trying to do? Rebuilding the ELDk from scratch?
> Running in a recent Linux distribution (i. e. not using the "official"
> RH-7.3 based build environment) ?
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

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