[ELDK] wu-ftpd anonymous account for uploads does not work

jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch
Fri Oct 2 14:26:16 CEST 2009

Dear ELDK users,

Actually I have problems making the wu-ftpd server (coming from package 
"wu-ftpd-ppc_6xx-2.6.1-2.ppc.rpm" delivered with ELDK-3.1.1) working for 
upload (the other things work) with anonymous user on my embedded ppc 
xinetd is running and the ftp server accepts connections coming from my PC 
and I can also download files from my embedded ppc platform to my PC. But 
when I try to upload files from my PC to my embedded ppc platform it does 
not work.
I always get the following error:

"> STOR Ftpnav.hlp
< 553 Ftpnav.hlp: Permission denied on server. (Upload)
Error 553 Ftpnav.hlp: Permission denied on server. (Upload)"

I followed the instructions given by the wu-ftpd HOW-TOs 
(http://wu-ftpd.therockgarden.ca/HOWTO/upload.configuration.HOWTO) and 
other sites found on Google but it did not work...
Has someone of you used "wu-ftpd" server and succesfully uploaded 
something with it ? If this is the case could you send me your complete 
configuration (ftpaccess, passwd, other files that I maybe forgot ?) or 
help me to make it work ? Do someone know why the permission is denied 
although I have the "upload" lines in my ftpaccess ? 

Best regards,

Jonathan Orditz
Selectron Systems AG
Software Development
Bernstrasse 70
3250 Lyss
Tel.: +41 32 387 62 60
mailto: jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch

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