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Sorry my mistake.
I was looking at the supported architectures in the documentation and was e=
xpecting to see the ppc_86xx down the left hand side but it's actually incl=
uded as part of the 74xx processor.
This is for a future project so have not installed anything yet.

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> Dear Derek Cameron=2C
> In message you wrote:
>> Looking at the ELDK supported architectures the ELDK does not
>> support the MPC86xx processor. This processor has e600 processor
>> cores instead of the e500 in the MPC85xx.
> May I ask what exactly is not working for you?
> It seems we can at least successfully build U-Boot and Linux kernel
> for MPC86xx using ELDK 4.2. Did you try it?
> Best regards=2C
> Wolfgang Denk
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