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Dear yel_yahc,

In message <0250e1f9cbd4bf22e30ebf128caedcd1 at etud.insa-toulouse.fr> you wrote:
> 1- is that U-Boot 1.2 is compatible with ELDK 4.2 ? 

Most boards will compile, but some may show runtime issues. U-Boot
1.2.0 is very, very old (more than 3 years or 12 releases), and there
are many places in the code where for example no accessor functions
are used to access device registers - with better optimizing compilers
this is known to be a cause for trouble.

You better use recent code instead - upgrade to U-Boot v2010.03.

> 2- When I mount my root file system via NFS my console hangs with the
> Warning Unable open an initial console, I looked to FAQ questions, and you
> talk about /dev and scripts (FIXOWNER & MAKEDEV) things that I did but
> nothing I also check again my .config and nothing I had the some Warning.

"Unable open an initial console" means that the kernel cannot find the
"/dev/console" entry in your root file system. Check if the file
exists. Check if you can see it when mounting the root file system
from another Linux box.

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