[ELDK] [RFSB] using newer mkcramfs than present in ELDK 4.2

Steven A. Falco sfalco at harris.com
Thu Apr 29 23:29:42 CEST 2010

When building rfsb for cramfs, I get an error, because
rfsb is assuming a different version of mkcramfs than what
comes with ELDK 4.2.

I'm guessing that the fix is for me to install a newer
mkcramfs, because the -D option is clearly required by rfsb.

But, I just downloaded cramfs-1.1.tar.gz from sourceforge,
and that version of mkcramfs doesn't have the -D option either.
(Actually, the sourceforge code is from 2002, so it is not
exactly recent.)

Where should I get the correct mkcramfs from?

Or, should this tool be included in rfsb itself, since rfsb
clearly needs something other than the commonly available


saf$ make
Current target list is  /n/amana/proj/hydra/sw/sfalco/rfsb/build/images/image.cramfs
Generating CRamFS
mkcramfs -b -D config/rootfs_devices.tab /n/amana/proj/hydra/sw/sfalco/rfsb/build/rootfs /n/amana/proj/hydra/sw/sfalco/rfsb/build/images/image.cramfs
mkcramfs: invalid option -- b
mkcramfs: invalid option -- D
usage: mkcramfs [-h] [-e edition] [-i file] [-n name] dirname outfile
 -h         print this help
 -E         make all warnings errors (non-zero exit status)
 -e edition set edition number (part of fsid)
 -i file    insert a file image into the filesystem (requires >= 2.4.0)
 -n name    set name of cramfs filesystem
 -p         pad by 512 bytes for boot code
 -s         sort directory entries (old option, ignored)
 -v         be more verbose
 -z         make explicit holes (requires >= 2.3.39)
 dirname    root of the directory tree to be compressed
 outfile    output file
make: *** [/n/amana/proj/hydra/sw/sfalco/rfsb/build/images/image.cramfs] Error 16

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