[ELDK] [RFSB] using newer mkcramfs than present in ELDK 4.2

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Fri Apr 30 10:50:02 CEST 2010

Hi Steven,

> When building rfsb for cramfs, I get an error, because
> rfsb is assuming a different version of mkcramfs than what
> comes with ELDK 4.2.

Unfortunately yes.

> I'm guessing that the fix is for me to install a newer
> mkcramfs, because the -D option is clearly required by rfsb.


> But, I just downloaded cramfs-1.1.tar.gz from sourceforge,
> and that version of mkcramfs doesn't have the -D option either.
> (Actually, the sourceforge code is from 2002, so it is not
> exactly recent.)
> Where should I get the correct mkcramfs from?

Short story - you should be able to use trhe CVS version of

Long story - some time ago, I was in contact with the maintainers of
cramfs-tools and the version rfsb needs was committed to CVS at that
time.  On my list then was to update the ELDK package once cramfs-tools
makes a new release.  As the latter never happened, the update was not
performed.  On our local systems we use the CVS version so we do not see
any problem.

> Or, should this tool be included in rfsb itself, since rfsb
> clearly needs something other than the commonly available
> version?

I CCed the one remaining cramfs-tools maintainer, maybe he can comment
on any planned releases.

Apart from that I am a friend of the orthogonal tool idea, so I would
rather not pull in any needed tool but fix the respective upstreams.


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