[ELDK] MC852T upgrade

Levend Sayar levend.sayar at karel.com.tr
Sat Nov 20 13:26:23 CET 2010

  Hi, Detlev

Sorry for responding lately, since I was on a vacation.

Anyway, does this mean 2.4 kernel based ELDK toolchain don't have 
support for these cpus ?
If so, do you plan to add this support to there also ?
Since our boards depend on 2.4 kernel and converting them to 2.6 kernel 
based environment
means a lot of work right now.

I loved your marketing tags :) Will not forget if we come to the point 
of commercial support

I.yi çal?s,malar ...


On 12.11.2010 16:17, Detlev Zundel wrote:
> Hi Levend,
>> We have some products based on MPC852T. But we have a plan of
>> developing a better cpu board.
>> Hardware team choosed two alternatives. 8313 and 8308. Are these cpus
>> have ELDK support for 2.4 kernel ?
> They do not need any "special support" in ELDK.  Both can be used with
> the ppc_6xx ELDK 4.2 toolchain just fine.
> As for Linux, you will want to use Linux 2.6 and yes, latest kernel
> sources have support for those CPUs.
> Please note that the CPUs actually are _not_ as similar as the numbers
> suggest.  For example the DMA controller in the 8308 is comparable to
> the 5121 and not to the 8313 one...
> <marketing>
> Actually the 8308 support for mainline was one of our projects.  So when
> you find that you need commercial support, don't hesitate to ask ;)
> </marketing>
> Cheers
>    Detlev

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