[ELDK] MC852T upgrade

Levend Sayar levend.sayar at karel.com.tr
Sun Nov 21 09:34:41 CET 2010

  Dear Wolgang Denk,

Thanks for your reply. When we started our project, we had two choices 
2.4 and 2.6.
Mainly our choice is based on your post about the comparison of these 
two kernels.
You strongly recommended 2.4 for embedded systems at that time.

I just wonder. Are your points still valid for the comparison of these 
two kernels or 2.6 kernel became a better kernel for embedded ?
I mean do you still recommend 2.4 for embedded system for today ?

I.yi çal?s,malar ...


On 20.11.2010 15:50, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Levend Sayar,
> In message<4CE7BE6F.3050006 at karel.com.tr>  you wrote:
>> Anyway, does this mean 2.4 kernel based ELDK toolchain don't have
>> support for these cpus ?
> Correct. MPC8308, MPC8315 and the like are not supported in 2.4
> kernels.
>> If so, do you plan to add this support to there also ?
> No. 2.4 kernel development stooped many years ago. Support for recent
> processors will only be available in current Linux 2.6 kernel
> versions.
>> Since our boards depend on 2.4 kernel and converting them to 2.6 kernel
>> based environment
>> means a lot of work right now.
> Please consider that you are switching to completely new hardware,
> all new technology. With the new CPU and new periphereals you will get
> new device drivers and also a new kernel tree. This is only natural,
> and unavoidable.
> I think you have to face it: Linux 2.4 is dead and gone.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

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