[ELDK] Kernel access of bad area

Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Thu Sep 9 19:10:12 CEST 2010

Luigi Rizzi wrote:
> Hello,


> on my system I'm using a TQM885D module with U-boot 1.3.0-rc2 and
> Linux 2.4.25 (DENX ELDK 3.1.1).

Really very old...

> I connected to  this module an
> external SRAM (actually a dual port SRAM that act as interface with
> another system...) and than I configured in U-boot the chip select
> for this memory. I mapped the Memory starting from 0x80000000.

How do you mapped it ? Which ioremap() function do you use it ?

> When I try to access this memory everything seem to works fine till
> address 0x8000FFFF. Above this address kernel displays this error:
> Oops: Kernel access of bad area, Sig: 11

The SRAM is not mapped by MMU. As I see in code, the address is already
used for PCI and only 64KB are mapped. It is exactly the RAM you can see.

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