[ELDK] fyi: install.sh FreeBSD

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Tue Aug 16 12:48:49 CEST 2011

Hi Jeroen,

> Since I decided to get rid of Ubuntu, I only have win7/FreeBSD left on 
> my home laptop at the moment. This make me hit a few problems most of 
> you will never see.
> One of them in ftp://ftp.denx.de/pub/eldk/5.0/install.sh with mktemp 
> (FreeBSD does not have --tmpdir), but I couldn't find a cms entry for 
> it. I checked a Debian setup for mktemp and seems to do the same with 
> full template arg. I have not checked the actual install script though.
> 194c194
> <     tmp_dir=$(mktemp -d --tmpdir=${dest_path} eldk_install.XXXXX)
> ---
>  >     tmp_dir=$(mktemp -d ${dest_path}/eldk_install.XXXXX)

Ok, as far as I can see 'mktemp' isn't even in Posix, so we cannot take
that as a guideline as to what usage is ok or not.  Reading the
man-page, your change looks completely ok, so there is no reason why we
should not apply it.

Can you please send a formal git patch together with your signed-off-by?

> After install I can successfully compile the linux kernel with elkd-5.0 
> on FreeBSD. I haven't checked the openembedded things yet though, nor 
> provided scripts.

Excellent, thanks for the report.

> For completeness:
> -     Since the generic general in FreeBSD is build for all 386+ uname 
> -m will report i386.
>        Hacking in the uname -m switch like i386) cur_arch=i686 ;; (well 
> if it is a i686, does it)
>        not aware of an OS independ way to check the actual processor type.

As far as I read the posix spec, uname -m should output i686:


Maybe the FreeBSD uname needs to be fixed?

> -     ELDK-5.0 more then likely needs Linux emulation on FreeBSD.

I'm pretty sure it does ;)


Actually, to be honest, i see no shame in missing things.  All those
neutrinos don't seem to mind,  despite their direction and energy...
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