[ELDK] fyi: install.sh FreeBSD

Jeroen Hofstee jeroen at myspectrum.nl
Tue Aug 16 21:59:05 CEST 2011

Hello Detlev,
>> 194c194
>> <      tmp_dir=$(mktemp -d --tmpdir=${dest_path} eldk_install.XXXXX)
>> ---
>>   >      tmp_dir=$(mktemp -d ${dest_path}/eldk_install.XXXXX)
> Ok, as far as I can see 'mktemp' isn't even in Posix, so we cannot take
> that as a guideline as to what usage is ok or not.  ..
Indeed it is not Posix afaik as well. Checked both man pages and actual 
returned values.
> Can you please send a formal git patch together with your signed-off-by?
> Thanks.
No problem, but as indicated, you would have to point out which 
repository I need.
It does not seem to be in 
> As far as I read the posix spec, uname -m should output i686:
> http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/uname.html
> Maybe the FreeBSD uname needs to be fixed?
Out if curiosity I checked what is reported with a i686 kernel only; 
although I would expect, like you, i686 it is still i386 though. I found 
a 6 year old thread about this, so likely not considered a bug (advised 
to make a port with all build / optimization info ready). Anyway, as 
mentioned in the original email, I had and don't have any intention to 
change the install script for this, just mentioned it for completeness 
so Google knows....

This should do without altering the install script at all:
uname() { command uname "$@" | sed s/i386/i686/ ; }
export -f uname

Provided, it is an i686. Then again, if someone is intending to build 
Linux rootfs on FreeBSD on a 486 at 66Mhz it might be a good time to 
reconsider what they are doing ;)


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