[ELDK] global variables

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Tue Aug 23 09:13:05 CEST 2011

Hello Tim,

> I have one question to consult:
> my uboot is configured for MPC8xx board.   I defined a global variable and
> initialize 0 ,such as "unsigned char g_debug = 0;" ,
> but I found this global variable is in data section, not in bss section. I
> was surprised at this problem , as I known if global variables
> is initialized, it would be put in data section, and in bss section if not
> initialized. but here it's not. I don't know why? could anyone help
> me find the root cause?   whether it is from compiler bug or from other
> optimizing options of compiler?
> Thanks a lot!!!

What version of ELDK are you actually using?  It would help to include
such information in such queries.

As our ELDK 5 does not support the 8xx architecture, I presume you must
be using ELDK 4.2.

It would also help to include the code in question so that we can
reproduce your findings.  As you didn't do this, I cobbled up my own
test program and just tried this with ELDK 4.2:

| #include <stdio.h>
| #include <unistd.h>
| static int my_var=1;
| int main(int argc, char **argv)
| {
| 	printf("Hello world: %d\n", my_var);
| 	return 0;
| }

With this exact program, I get the linkage in the data segment as

| [dzu at pollux tmp]$ ${CROSS_COMPILE}objdump -x foo | grep my_var 
| 100408e8 l     O .data	00000004              my_var
| [dzu at pollux tmp]$ 

When I change the initializatio nto "=0", I get this:

| [dzu at pollux tmp]$ ${CROSS_COMPILE}objdump -x foo | grep my_var 
| 1004096c l     O .bss	00000004              my_var
| [dzu at pollux tmp]

So what _is_ your question?


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