[ELDK] undefined reference to 'Abort'

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Feb 17 19:58:52 CET 2011

Dear Bill,

In message <7C1C921E9FCAD0428B8A41A60D1B876001E9DE3D at mail.corp.neptec.com> you wrote:
> We then needed to use some new library tools and were forced to move to
> 4.2 (another s/w eng could elaborate).
> The move went smoothly except for my test s/w. It compiles as a
> sub-directory of u-boot (ver 1.2.0).

This is a pretty generic problem: old software and new tools (or vice
versa) don't mix.  Please update your U-Boot code and use at least the
vcersion thjat was included with ELDk 4.2, or - better - just jump to
a current release.

> I have not supplied any dumps, I could, but I was hoping someone would
> have already seen the fault, fixed it and have a solution in their back
> pockets. If that's not the case, I could gather up dumps and add them to
> the email.

Well, of course the problem was fixed in the U-Boot tree, several
years ago.  One could invest the time and dig through the old change
logs, but that time would be better invested in updating your U-Boot

There are most probably other, not so easily visable problems lurking
as well - the new compilers optimize much better, which for example
requires a number of changes when accessing device registers (using
I/O accessors with proper memory barriers instead of plain pointer
accesses).  The old code may simply not run, or not reliably.  But all
attempts trying to debug that are wasted time - more recent, fixed
code is available, so please use that.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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