[ELDK] Ubuntu 12.04 and ELDK 4.1

Niclas Lindgren niclas.lindgren at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 11:09:48 CEST 2012

Hello Stefan,

No, it is kind of tricky to use another libc and it required too much work.
I have reverted back to 11.10 instead.

I can make the compiler kind of work depending where it is installed, how
many softlinks it resolves and such.

I am not the only one with problems running Ubuntu 12+ and ELDK 4.2, I have
tried cleanly installed system as well and they have these odd symptoms with

The best thing would probably be to recompile the compiler with the same
cross tool settings under Ubuntu 12.04, which I might try later, but at the
moment I don't have that time so it is easier to revert back.


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On 17/08/2012 01:36, Niclas Lindgren wrote:

> As you can see, it kind of gets it right
> ignoring nonexistent directory "/opt/eldk-4.2/../ppc_82xx/usr/include"
> It is just missing a "/usr" after eldk-4.2/
> What is even weirder is that running ppc-82xx-cpp will yield an error, 
> but running it with "-v" will make it work...
> And now for the real killer, change the root of eldk from 
> /opt/eldk-4.2 to /opt/eldk-4.2.new makes it work (just an mv, I know 
> some files or not correct and it should be installed, it was just for
> Making it even weired, if I instead just link /opt/eldk-4.2 to 
> /opt/eldk-4.2.new it won't work. But doing the opposite, that is mv
> /opt/eldk-4.2 to /opt/eldk-4.2.fix and then link /opt/eldk-4.2 to 
> /opt/eldk-4.2.fix makes it work too (all this without the spec patch).
> Readlink, dirname and basename or my guesses, somewhere in the 
> compiler, and thus in libc. I would guess it wouldn't had been a 
> problem had the compilers been built statically.
> The difference between my working Ubuntu and 12.04 is that
> /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 has changed versions from 2.13 to 2.15. 
> I will try to bring 2.13 to my non working Ubuntu instead and see what

Do you have a working 12.04 with libc 2.13 ? I do not think it is the
problem. I have a 12.04 (yes, updated from previous version) with libc 2.15,
ELDK-4.2 is working.

And ELDK-4.2 is not so strict that should be installed. I moved it often to
another system copying everything (in a tarball) under the eldk-4.2

Stefano Babic

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