[ELDK] Binutils error - Building a 3.x kernel with ELDK 5.1

Fernando Carrió Argos fercar at alumni.uv.es
Sat Mar 17 15:47:06 CET 2012


I've successfully built a 2.6 kernel using ELDK 4.2 for a PowerPC 440 in
Xilinx ML507 board.

Now I'm tryind to built a 3.x kernel using ELDK 5.1 for the same device,
but when I do:

"make ARCH=powerpc simpleImage.initrd.virtex440-ml507"

I obtain this error:

*** 3.0 kernels no longer build correctly with old versions of binutils.
*** Please upgrade your binutils to 2.12.1 or newer
make: *** [checkbin] Error 1

I've cheked my binutils version and it's 2.21

Can ELDK 5.1 build 3.x kernels?

Thank you for any help in this issue.


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