[ELDK] Booting rootfs over NFS stops after linking Phy

Axel Beierlein belatronix at freenet.de
Fri Mar 23 15:03:44 CET 2012

Hello Wolfgang,

Am 23.03.2012 14:44, schrieb Wolfgang Denk:
> Dear Axel,
> In message<4F6C77F1.8050701 at freenet.de>  you wrote:
>>>> i build the ELDK 5.1.2 from the sources and try to boot the core
>>>> basic image over nfs with the build 3.1.4 Kernel on an powerpc
>>>> architecture (TB5200L). Another, self configured Kernel (v3.1.5) with
>>>> NFS support build in has the same behaviour.
> ...
>> The device tree blob is that one wich was build with 'make tqm5200.dtb'
> TQM5200 != TB5200L
Ok. Booting a TB5200 with an 2.6.x Kernel and this Blob was no problem. 
Also the rootfs mount via NFS. (I try this a few Month ago - not with 
this actual setup -)
But i will have a look.
Do you have a working one by any chance ;-) ?

Let me guess. This was the reason why the SM501 on the Board gets not a 
correct init, too.

> This is most likely the cause of your problems.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

Best regards

Axel Beierlein

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