[ELDK] whether eldk 5.5.3 support 64bit cross compilation for powerpc e6500 core?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Feb 2 16:28:46 CET 2015

Dear Karunakaran,

In message <2e2b079b34b80bb6ace355ea7cec61d1 at datapatterns.co.in> you wrote:
> I wants to compile u-boot in 32bit mode(with Utilizing 36bit physical 
> Addressing) and
> linux in 64bit mode for the e6500 core(T2080 processor).

This is actually not an ELDK related question.  Both U-Boot and Linux
take great care to make sure they use the needed compiler options.
ELDK settings have no influence on whether you build a 32 or a 64 bit
Linux kernel.

> I have been unable to compile the linux in 64bit by changing the flag as 
> -m64.
> Kindly suggest me, How to compile the linux in 64bit mode for e6500 
> based core?

You have to select the correct Linux kernel configuration, i. e. you
have to select the CONFIG_PPC64 option when configuring the Linux
kernel.  From the help page:

│ This option selects whether a 32-bit or a 64-bit kernel
│ will be built.
│ Symbol: PPC64 [=n]
│ Type  : boolean
│ Prompt: 64-bit kernel

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