[ELDK] MCVEVK manual questions

ibragimov ibragimov at screen-co.ru
Wed Jun 24 15:15:07 CEST 2015

Page references to resistors RefDes. But where can I find schematic or 
position of this components?


    3. Installation of U-Boot and U-Boot SPL to eMMC

The default boot media for MCVEVK is eMMC, but this setup can be 
overriden by followingdocumentation 

link is incorrect. It is link to the page with M53EVK
Where can I find information on booting from SD-card?


    2. Build recovery Quartus II project

*$ git clone https://gitlab.denx.de:2443/marex/mcvevk.git

link is incorrect
Where can I find Recovery-C2 project?


  7.3.6 Pin Header

Three 40 pin pin header provide IO Pins of MCV.

I see two 80-pin PLD-like connectors.
Is this page suitable for my board?

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