[ELDK] Building kernel module - recordmcount: not found

ibragimov ibragimov at screen-co.ru
Tue Jun 23 10:53:02 CEST 2015

I am trying to compile kernel module for qemuarm with ELDK.
I used manual http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/ELDK-5/EldkBuilding to build 
system. And system runs.
But I can not to build kernel module.

to build module I use next steps:
cd ~/.../git/eldk
BUILD_NAME=$(git branch | sed -ne '/(detached from /d' -e 's/$/-/' -e 
's/^\* //p')$(git log --format="%ad-%h" --date=short HEAD^\!)
TEMPLATECONF=meta-eldk/conf source oe-init-build-env 

cd tmp/workspace/Kernel_hello/    # here is my module source
make -C $SDKTARGETSYSROOT"/usr/src/kernel" M=$PWD modules

system says
/bin/sh: 1: 
not found

in the sysroots/qemuarm/usr/src/kernel/scripts/recordmcount directory
recordmcount.pl - exists
recordmcount - absent

Where can I found correct builders, sources or manual to build kernel 
modules with ELDK?

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