Power on vs. reset?

Heiko Schocher hs at denx.de
Thu Apr 30 08:46:04 CEST 2020

Hello Simon,

Am 29.04.2020 um 22:17 schrieb Simon Glass:
> Hi,
> When I use interactive_board, in some cases by board poweron() method
> will reset the board and in some cases will not.
> Really, I suppose it should not, unless U-Boot has been updated.
> So how should I indicate that a reset is required (e.g. to boot U-Boot
> from scratch)?

I think, I do not really get what you want...

But may you can define and use a tbot flag?

$ tbot --help | grep FLAG
             [-f FLAG] [-p NAME=VALUE] [-v] [-q] [--version] [--log LOGFILE]
   -f FLAG               set a user defined flag to change testcase behaviour

define the flag with:

         "hard-reset" : "hard reset the board",

use it in code with:

if "hard-reset" in tbot.flags:
     do stuff
     do other stuff

example output at my setup (fast added above flag):

$ tbot @argsk30rfv4 --list-flags
tbot starting ...
├─hard-reset: hard reset the board
├─xmg-build: build on XMG laptop
├─pollux-build: Use pollux as buildhost
├─xpert-build: build on xpert
├─hercules-build: Use hercules for build
├─hercules-1604-build: build on hercules in ubuntu 16.04 container
├─threadripper-build: build on threadripper
├─threadripper-1604-build: build on threadripper in ubuntu 16.04 container
├─threadripper-1604-kas-build: build on threadripper in ubuntu 16.04 container with kas tool
├─v4: test v4 version of k30rf board
├─production: production version of k30rf build, no U-Boot!
├─rescue: test rescueimage
├─rescuenetspecial: boot image @ loadaddr
├─linuxsilent: set linux console argument to silent
├─deletekey: delete key for data volume
├─heiko: work with heiko specific images
│ 'v4', 'threadripper-build'
├─Log written to '/home/hs/data/Entwicklung/bosch-tt/src/bsp/tbot-tbot2go/log/lab1-k30rf-0260.json'
└─SUCCESS (0.157s)

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