[U-Boot-Users] CVS Write Access to Das U-Boot

Marius Groeger mag at sysgo.de
Mon Nov 4 18:59:33 CET 2002

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> Before  I  add  anybody  to  the  project  as  developer  with  write
> permissions  to  CVS,  I  want  to make sure that there is at least a
> minimul level of such "resonance". This includes simple  things  like
> conforming  to  a  common  coding  style,  in-advance  negotiation of
> changes with global impact, etc.

I thought we have known each other for long enough a time to have such
"trust" in each other's work. We will probably never gain 100%
resonance, but then I wouldn't expect this anyway. The success of
team-work is determined by the ability to make some compromises here
and there. To stick with the picture: the resonnance frequency is
somewhere between the developers.

> That does NOT mean that there is any discrimination, or that any con-
> tributions will be igrnored or turned down - if you  want,  ask  if
> any of the people who contributed to PPCBoot has reason to complain.

That's none of my business. All I'm saying is that having worked
together for a long time, and us having ported ARMboot in the first
place should suffice for us to have write access. And somehow I
believe you know I'm right.

> Umm, calm down. On the same base I could argument  that  you  cut  us
> (the  PPCBoot  guys off) by taking "our" PPCBoot sources and creating
> an incompatible ARMBoot. But I don't intend to start such a fruitless
> discussion.

I aggree. The mailing lists dcoument well enough why things went like
they did. You never asked me for write access, though, that I would
have granted you immediately.

> > Please let's keep this an _open_ project, not one where only one
> > member has the power.
> Umm... please don't misinterpret my role as a moderator.
> It does NOT require write permission in the CVS to  contribute  to  a
> project, or to get credited for your work.

Really? I remember some lengthy discussions about a patch that ended
with a rather, er, grungy moderator asking me multiple times for a
rewording of the README part of the patch, because he didn't like the

There _is_ a difference if you have to beg for a feature to go into
the sources.

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