[U-Boot-Users] F.A.O Rune Torgersen or any MPC8266ADS-PCI u-boot users

C Doyle cdoyle35 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 19:47:59 CEST 2003

Hello all,
        I am a newbie to u-boot and I am trying to get u-boot0.4.0 to 
download to the flash on an MPC8266ADS-PCI development board.  I managed to 
get u-boot0.2 on the flash and working as it should but unfortunately it 
needed fixed for the PCI features of the 8266. I have tried 0.3 and 0.4 but 
cannot get it to work.  Both myself and some guys at Motorola have been 
trying for 4-6 weeks now to get u-boot & PCI up and running.  Has anyone 
managed to get u-boot to work on this platform with PCI support enabled? If 
so, I would be greatful if could you mail the .srec to cd7 at hw.ac.uk
        First of all I am using ELDK to cross compile the u-boot source 
which seems to work fine.  The problem is that it doesn't seem to like the 
Flash very much.  I am using the Sharp type flash.  I have tried the both 
the default configurations, with no success and also modified the following 
settings, also without much success.

1.)    Within {u-boot}/include/configs/MPC8266ADS.h there are two choices 
for CFG_HRCW_MASTER depending on which JP setting you want to use - does 
anyone know which one is best to choose here?

2.)    Also the settings for the CFG_FLASH_BASE default to 0xFE000000.  From 
the MPC8266 user manual I noticed that the memory location this relates to 
is for a 32M SIMM whereas I have 8M which starts at FF800000.  I changed 
this to mirror the user manual and update also the CFG_BR0_PRELIM 
accordingly (0xFF801801).

3.)    I have also played around with the 
{u-boot_dir}/board/mpc8266ads/config.mk file to no avail.

If someone out there has managed to get this working it would be great if 
you could either explain everything I need to do to get it blown to the 
flash on this type of board. Like I say I am a newbie to this and probably 
need to plead ignorance, or
b) have a working copy for an MPC8266ADS-PCI that you could send to me as I 
can't proceed past this point.

Any help is very much appreciated.  Thanks
Ciaran Doyle

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