[U-Boot-Users] Resend: The dreaded embedded environment - linker barf!

Robin Gilks robin.gilks at tait.co.nz
Mon Aug 25 22:47:56 CEST 2003


Well what a suprise!! I've been struck by the environment mapping yet 

If I change my memory map for 'top' booting I *should* just need to set 
the TEXT_BASE address to threequarters up my 4M flash device (so it 
starts at 0xfff00000), set the CFG_MONITOR_BASE to the same and leave 
CFG_FLASH_BASE where it is along with all other address config items.

Unfortunately the linker barfs on the embedded environment value which 
is defined as an offset into the image (well, actually the flash 
according to the code). Setting it as CFG_ENV_OFFSET or CFG_ENV_ADDR 
makes no difference (so I can't put it at the start of the flash outside 
the image either).

The error message from the linker is:
u-boot.lds:132 invalid assignment to location counter
- the line number refering to the line after the closing brace for the 
whole file which doesn't help much!!

It looks as though the CFG_FLASH_BASE define is being used 
inappropriately where CFG_MONITOR_BASE would be a more sensible value 
(for example to see if the environment is embedded should depend on 
where in flash that u-boot image is, not where the flash starts!!)

Any ideas appreciated!

Robin Gilks
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