[U-Boot-Users] gdb with u-boot: can not locate the source fil es

Xiao Xianghua-r6aads X.Xiao at motorola.com
Thu Feb 6 20:19:11 CET 2003

Yes I'm using a self-compiled gdb because I need to use the BookE instructions. I found that after I disabled 'Wa,gstabs' argument in config.mk then neither DDD nor GDB will complain, and the traps.c will be loaded into DDD automatically. However 'start.S' and other '*.S' still could not be shown in the DDD window. I can now source-debug all *.c except *.S though.

At least, my GDB does not work well with 'Wa,gstabs'. When I looked at Linux kernel compilation screen output, I found they didn't use this flag for arch/ppc/kernel/*.S either. Why should we set 'Wa,gstabs' as default for those assembly source files in U-Boot?

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>>> $>cross-gdb u-boot
>>Where did you get this binary from? Built it yourself?
>>> My question is that it seems the u-boot image does not 
>>contain information for source file location, so I could not 
>>do source-level debug here.
>>I don;t think so, and I can use source level debugging just fine with
>>ELDK's 5.1.1 GDB.
>>> i'm using gdb 5.2.1, ddd 3.3.1. 
>>Maybe your version of GDB is broken / not compatible.
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