[U-Boot-Users] SPI + SCC problem

Yigit Can yigit.can at karel.com.tr
Mon Jun 30 12:15:25 CEST 2003

Oops I'm sorry,

all of the drivers are for SPI,

I have changed the driver which comes with eldk to compile with TQM850L.

this driver's header contains a #define statement for a specific module, and
I have changed it.
secondly I have changed the chip select statements.

Best regards,
Yigit Can

PS : I attached another code that I use.
I'm compiling this code with the kernel, it works with SCC1 enabled and it
does not work with SCC2, SCC3 or with disabled SCC ethernet.

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> In message <001901c33ee7$214ae5f0$3002a8c0 at yigitcan> you wrote:
> > I use 3 different drivers,
> Arrrgghh. Please don't let my guess what sort of drivers these are.
> Ethernet? UART? HDLC? SPI? Or what?
> > I'm using standard TQ850L_config in kernel (eldk 2.0.2)
> ...which works fine.
> > first one comes with eldk I only made a small modification to compile
> > TQM850L.
> OK, so what exactly did you change, and why?
> > second is an interrupt driven driver working with TQM862L (I have
> > it)
> >
> > and I wrote the last one using 850 user-manual to be sure.
> >
> > All has the same problem when I choose SCC1 they work perfectly ,but
when I
> > choose the other SCCs or disable the SCC ethernet,
> > they send data but they stall while receiving becouse the buffer
> > cbd_sc register does not change (rx_bdf->cbd_sc).
> You mentiones SPI before, but now you talk about using  SCC1  -  this
> makes no sense to me.
> Wolfgang Denk
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