[U-Boot-Users] walnut board

Iser Flaum iser at corelis.com
Wed May 14 00:47:41 CEST 2003

first time user trying to run clone variation of the walnut bd.  IBM demo board flash binary image (using PROM burner) runs (although having LAN problems to be debugged), and talks to the serial console ok.

when trying to build the IBM provided source and makefile for this target, does not work (at least does not talk to console).  already found one needed correction to the makefile.mak file .... the hbranch utility specified a wrong size flash (0x20000) instead of 0x80000 (512kB flash both on walnut demo and my clone).

seeking information of other makefile.mak problems which may need correcting.

it seems that the reset_entry block is being loaded at 0x2020 instead of 0x62020 (near the top of the flash).

are there other alternative boot source/build tools available to get my board working?

Iser Flaum
(562) 926-6727 x113
iser at corelis.com
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