[U-Boot-Users] Why S-Records?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri May 30 12:32:38 CEST 2003

Dear Rupesh,

in message <000f01c326ce$12c7ac60$6706a8c0 at SPLENDOR> you wrote:
> The discussion is about usage of S-Record files for Downloads instead of
> Binary file.
> Generally S-Record Downloads are used when the medium of communication
> is Serial Port , which has no Error Checking mechanism inbuilt in
> hardware.

...or which  may  be  not  8-bit  clean  so  binary  transmission  is

> Whereas when we consider the Network download throgh Ethernet, most
> bootloaders (u-boot as well) does a binary download. Is this because the
> Ethernet hardware has a Error Checking mechanism inbuilt ?

This is one of the reasons. We also use binary protocols (like kermit
binary protocol with the "loadb" command) over serrial lines.

> If yes, even using a USB hardware for download also can use Binary
> instead of S-Records??

Define "a USB hardware"... A mass storage  device?  A  communications
device? A network device?

> Please comment on my arguments?

S-Records is a very simple protocol, which is easy to implement  with
relatively  small  memory  footprint,  so  it is usable even on small
micros where you could only dream of things like ethernet or USB host

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