[U-Boot-Users] Why S-Records?

Rupesh S rupeshs at myw.ltindia.com
Sat May 31 03:59:59 CEST 2003

having said that the S-Record decode algorithm is simple in terms of
footprint and easeness to implement, the S-Record algorithm is highly
inefficient with respect to speed of transfer of file. because decoding is
done byte by byte basis.

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> Dear Rupesh,
> in message <000f01c326ce$12c7ac60$6706a8c0 at SPLENDOR> you wrote:
> >
> > The discussion is about usage of S-Record files for Downloads instead of
> > Binary file.
> > Generally S-Record Downloads are used when the medium of communication
> > is Serial Port , which has no Error Checking mechanism inbuilt in
> > hardware.
> ...or which  may  be  not  8-bit  clean  so  binary  transmission  is
> impossible.
> > Whereas when we consider the Network download throgh Ethernet, most
> > bootloaders (u-boot as well) does a binary download. Is this because the
> > Ethernet hardware has a Error Checking mechanism inbuilt ?
> This is one of the reasons. We also use binary protocols (like kermit
> binary protocol with the "loadb" command) over serrial lines.
> > If yes, even using a USB hardware for download also can use Binary
> > instead of S-Records??
> Define "a USB hardware"... A mass storage  device?  A  communications
> device? A network device?
> > Please comment on my arguments?
> S-Records is a very simple protocol, which is easy to implement  with
> relatively  small  memory  footprint,  so  it is usable even on small
> micros where you could only dream of things like ethernet or USB host
> functions.
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