[U-Boot-Users] what is wrong when calloc return bogus?

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Thu Nov 13 18:29:38 CET 2003

U-boot 1.0.0 and before for the last ... ?Six months has had an OMAP tree.
Its really trivial to port from that to a new target.  There is a
omap1510inn target which is the Innovator.  I have a couple tress which I've
not yet merged in for custom boards which have a lot more functionality, but
we will do that at some point, probably closer to the time they actually go
into production.

Cpu/arm925 is for the arm core on the OMAP15xx.  I've sprinkled enough code
in to idle the dsp but not much beyond that.  The is a 926 tree also, that
is for the omap 16xx.  The CPU core is common in a lot of different SOC's,
that's what the CPU was broke out separately.  It could have been done
differently, but the hope is to allow sharing of common code bits, not
duplicate them.

It seems you must be using an older tree as this kind of thing is sort of
hard to miss if you have gone though the code.


Richard W.

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> On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 17:05, Woodruff, Richard wrote:
> >  -- If you cloned the ARM925 tree, then you should NOT see this 
> > failure. Its probably some other kind of misconfiguration.
> > 
> You mention an ARM925 tree, is there ARM925 tree for u-boot 
> somewhere I am missing?
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