[U-Boot-Users] Standalone application problem

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Tue Nov 25 20:57:48 CET 2003


Would stand alone application called though the uboot call interface need to
be GPL'ed? I'm not sure that I would use it that way, but the flexibility it
would provide would be useful.


Richard W.

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> Hello,
> in message <006201c3b385$fcc72e00$1000a8c0 at tsihq.com> you wrote:
> > 
> > However, I would like to burn the application into the 
> onboard flash 
> > and execute it on powerup. If I copy the .bin to 0xff800000 
> and then 
> > set my bootcmd to  "go 0xff80000" everything seems to work 
> OK until I 
> > leave the
> You cannot do this so easy. First, the image is linked to a  
> specific address; it is NOT position-independend. Second, the 
> image expects to find  writable  data  and  BSS  segments  
> which  fail  when burned to ROM/flash.
> > How do I load a stand-alone application .bin onto flash 
> after loading 
> > it into RAM?  Secondly, how do I load and run "hello_world" (ELF) 
> > correctly? I know I'm missing something really basic here!
> You can copy a stand-alone application to flash for storage;  
> but  to run  it  you will have to load (copy it back) to it's 
> link address in RAM. If you want images which support XIP 
> from flash you will need to twiddle the linker script a bit.
> Also note that you can  wrap  your  stand-alone  application  
> into  a "Standalone  Image"  (image type IH_TYPE_STANDALONE) 
> which would take care of (eventually uncompressing and)  
> loading  the  image  to  it's start address.
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